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How to clone this repository

This website is generated by Fossil, the distributed version control system, bug tracking system and wiki software server.

Download Fossil, unzip it and type:

  • fossil clone -u grammalecte.fossil

or, if you have an account:

  • fossil clone -u grammalecte.fossil

Then, open the repository:

  • fossil open grammalecte.fossil

Copy unversioned files from the repository to your drive:

  • cd gc_lang/fr/dictionnaire/lexique/corpus_data

  • fossil uv export stats_frwiki.txt stats_frwiki.txt

  • fossil uv export stats_frwikisource.txt stats_frwikisource.txt

  • fossil uv export stats_google_ngram_1.txt stats_google_ngram_1.txt

  • fossil uv export stats_litterature.txt stats_litterature.txt

First build

In the main folder, type:

  • fr -js