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<!ENTITY window.title "Grammalecte · Spelling options">
<!ENTITY dialogheader.label "Spelling options">
<!ENTITY grouptitle "Select one or several dictionaries">
<!ENTITY warning "Select dictionaries you want to see in textareas list. Selected dictionaries are added instantly. Whereas unselected dictionnaries will be removed only at Thunderbird’s restart.">

<!ENTITY option.modern.label "“Modern”">
<!ENTITY option.modern.descr "This dictionary offers the French spelling as it is written nowadays most often. This is the recommended dictionary if French is not your mother tongue or if you want only one correct spelling per word.">
<!ENTITY option.classic.label "“Classic” (recommanded)">
<!ENTITY option.classic.descr "This is the “Modern” dictionary plus classical spellings, some of them still widely used, others obsolete. This is the recommended dictionary if French is your native language.">
<!ENTITY option.reform.label "“Reform 1990”">
<!ENTITY option.reform.descr "With this dictionary, only the reformed spelling is recognized. As many of reformed spellings are considered erroneous for many people, this dictionary is unadvised. Reformed spellings commonly used are already included in the “Modern” dictionary.">
<!ENTITY option.allvar.label "“All variants”">
<!ENTITY option.allvar.descr "This dictionary contains all spelling variants, classical and reformed, and some others even rarer. This dictionary is unadvised for those who don’t know very well the French language.">