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Masculins, féminins, singuliers et pluriels

from .mfsp_data import lTagMiscPlur as _lTagMiscPlur
from .mfsp_data import lTagFemForm as _lTagFemForm
from .mfsp_data import dMiscPlur as _dMiscPlur
from .mfsp_data import dMasForm as _dMasForm

def isMasForm (sWord):
    "returns True if sWord exists in _dMasForm"
    return sWord in _dMasForm

def getFemForm (sWord, bPlur):
    "returns feminine forms with masculine form"
    if sWord in _dMasForm:
        return [ _modifyStringWithSuffixCode(sWord, sTag)  for sTag in _whatSuffixCodes(sWord, bPlur) ]
    return []

def hasMiscPlural (sWord):
    "returns True if sWord exists in dPlurMisc"
    return sWord in _dMiscPlur

def getMiscPlural (sWord):
    "returns plural form with singular form"
    if sWord in _dMiscPlur:
        return [ _modifyStringWithSuffixCode(sWord, sTag)  for sTag in _lTagMiscPlur[_dMiscPlur[sWord]].split("|") ]
    return []

def _whatSuffixCodes (sWord, bPlur):
    "necessary only for dMasFrom"
    sSfx = _lTagFemForm[_dMasForm[sWord]]
    if bPlur:
        return sSfx[sSfx.find("/")+1:].split("|")
    return sSfx[:sSfx.find("/")].split("|")

def _modifyStringWithSuffixCode (sWord, sSfx):
    "returns sWord modified by sSfx"
    if not sSfx:
        return ""
    if sSfx == "0":
        return sWord
        return sWord[:-(ord(sSfx[0])-48)] + sSfx[1:]  if sSfx[0] != '0'  else  sWord + sSfx[1:]  # 48 is the ASCII code for "0"
    except (IndexError, TypeError):
        return "## erreur, code : " + str(sSfx) + " ##"