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# How to build Grammalecte

## Required ##

* Python 3.6
* Firefox Nightly
* NodeJS
  * npm
  * jpm :
  * web-ext :
* Thunderbird

## Commands ##

**Build a language**


> Generate the LibreOffice extension and the package folder.
> LANG is the lang code (ISO 639).

> This script uses the file `config.ini` in the folder `gc_lang/LANG`.

**First build**

` LANG -js`

> This command is required to generate all necessary files.


`-b --build_data`

> Launch the script `` in the folder `gc_lang/LANG`.

`-d --dict`

> Generate the indexable binary dictionary from the lexicon in the folder `lexicons`.

`-js --javascript`

> Also generate JavaScript extensions.
> Without this option, only Python modules, data and extensions are generated.

`-t --tests`

> Run unit tests.

`-i --install`

> Install the LibreOffice extension.

`-fx --firefox`

> Launch Firefox Developper (before Firefox 57).
> Unit tests can be lanched from Firefox, with CTRL+SHIFT+F12.

`-we --webext`

> Launch Firefox Nightly (Firefox 57+).
> Unit tests can be lanched from the menu.

`-tb --thunderbird`

> Launch Thunderbird.

## Examples ##

Full rebuild: LANG -b -d -js

After modifying grammar rules: LANG -t

If you modify the lexicon: LANG -d -js

If you modify your script ``: LANG -b -js