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# Grammalecte for Firefox and Chrome and for Thunderbird


## WebExtension

This extension offers a grammar checking tool for the French Language.

The grammar checker runs in a Worker launched from the background script.
And text are analysed at users request. Results are displayed within
the webpages.

    Content-scripts <---> Background <---> Grammar checker (Worker)

### Folders in the addon

* grammalecte: the grammar checker (receive texts, analyse it and send back results).
* content_scripts (what is run in content-scripts).
* panel: browser_action panel, and other webpages (lexicon editor, conjugueur and other stuff).

### Building the extension

Extensions for LibreOffice, Firefox/Chrome and Thunderbird are generated in the folder `_build`.


* Python 3.7+ > [download](
* NodeJS > [download](
  * npm (should be installed with NodeJS)
  * web-ext > [instructions](

Command to build: fr -js

Build and rebuild data (may be not deterministic): fr -js -b -d

If you got the source code from a zip archive, you must first uncompress the archive
in `gc_lang/fr/dictionnaire/lexique/corpus_data`. (It isn’t possible to upload the
source code as is to Mozilla website, as these files are considered too big).

## MailExtension

The MailExtension is built upon the Grammalecte [WebExtension](

Both extensions use the same code. Only one file differs: manifest.json