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Grammalecte for Firefox and Chrome and for Thunderbird

Website Code


This extension offers a grammar checking tool for the French Language.

The grammar checker runs in a Worker launched from the background script. And text are analysed at users request. Results are displayed within the webpages.

Content-scripts <---> Background <---> Grammar checker (Worker)

Folders in the addon

  • grammalecte: the grammar checker (receive texts, analyse it and send back results).
  • content_scripts (what is run in content-scripts).
  • panel: browser_action panel, and other webpages (lexicon editor, conjugueur and other stuff).

Building the extension

Extensions for LibreOffice, Firefox/Chrome and Thunderbird are generated in the folder _build.


Command to build: fr -js

Build and rebuild data (may be not deterministic): fr -js -b -d

If you got the source code from a zip archive, you must first uncompress the archive in gc_lang/fr/dictionnaire/lexique/corpus_data. (It isn’t possible to upload the source code as is to Mozilla website, as these files are considered too big).


The MailExtension is built upon the Grammalecte WebExtension

Both extensions use the same code. Only one file differs: manifest.json